Benefits of a Compact Track Loader

Benefits of a Compact Track Loader

Get the most out of a compact track loader with the right attachments.

A track loader, like the Kubota SVL Series, is a versatile piece of equipment for contractors, landscapers and those with large properties to maintain. The compact size and maneuverability of track loaders allow them to operate in tight spaces, including inside buildings. Thanks to the number of available track loader attachments, these machines can be used for excavating, grading, demolition, debris removal, overhead work, and lifting.

Kubota has two track loader options and a new model on the way. The SVL-75-2 is a 74 horsepower machine with a rated operating capacity of 2300 pounds. The SVL-95-2s packs 96 horsepower with a rated operating capacity of 3200 pounds. Both are very capable machines and choosing between the two would hinge upon the type of work you need it to perform. The brand new Kubota SVL65-2, their lightest and most maneuverable compact track loader to date will be availble in April 2019.

What types of attachments are available for a track loader? The list includes:

Buckets are one of the most useful attachments for your track loader. Construction sites, nurseries, campuses, salvage yards, and other operations can instantly boost their material handling capabilities with a bucket.

Pallet forks are another popular track loader attachment in the construction, landscaping and farming industry. Whether you need to unload a truckload of lumber or round bales of hay, a set of adjustable pallet forks will help you get the job done quickly.

Grapples are available in various styles for specific chores. Popular grapple types include:

  • Claw grapples – used to rake, dig and move rocks, trees, brush and debris without picking up the dirt.
  • Root grapples – like the Woods HLRG86, have serrated teeth to grip logs and tear through undergrowth. You can also use this type of grapple to grade the area you clear.
  • Scrap grapples – designed for scrap and salvage yards, recycling plants and demolition clean up. A scrap grapple is great for municipalities to have on hand for storm cleanup.
  • Rock grapples – such as the Land Pride SGR15, are designed to move piles of material quickly and efficiently. Hydraulic jaws hold larger pieces in place while the teeth below sift out dirt.

Bale spears, as the name implies, are designed for moving and stacking hay bales. The Woods BS7038 bale spear can handle heavy round and square bales.

Post hole diggers make quick work of digging holes for posts and ball rooted trees, making them an ideal accessory for contractors, landscapers and farmers.

Cutters allow you to turn your track loader into a mowing machine. Land Pride’s SC26 Series cutter is a great tool for clearing brush and it has a low-profile design that lets you to get under fences, in and around boxed in corner sections of corral and out-buildings.

Rotary Tillers can transform your track loader into a tool for farming and planting. Preparing seedbeds, planting food plots and turning fresh dirt are some of the uses for a rotary tiller.

Stump grinders are handy for contractors and landscape pros. Land Pride stump grinders, which can safely be operated from inside your track loader’s cab, have tough carbide teeth that can grind a stump to a depth of eight inches below ground.

Tree/post pullers can be used to quickly pull up shrubs, saplings, and small trees, including their roots. This track loader attachment has serrated teeth you can use to remove steel and wood fence posts on the farm or job site.

Angle brooms make clean up a breeze. Land Pride angle brooms are available with poly, wire or blended poly brushes to suit specific needs, such as site cleanup, road or cart path maintenance or light snow removal.

Snowblowers and snow pushers allow you to turn your track loader into a snow clearing machine. Whether you need snowblowing capabilities for deeper snow, or a snow pusher, which is gentler on pavement and lot lines, Land Pride has you covered.

As you can see from the list of skid steer attachments, there are many, many ways to put one of these powerful little machines to work. Compact track loaders are tough enough for demolition project and clearing work and offer the precision to handle delicate landscaping and final grading projects. Adding an optional quick coupler makes switching from one attachment to another quick and easy, reducing downtime.

A compact track loader is an all-around workhorse you may want to consider adding to your operation. Paired with a few of the many available attachments, a Kubota track loader becomes an invaluable asset that can help you expand your offerings and grow your business. For property owners, a track loader can help you to knock out regular chores quickly and efficiently, freeing up time for family and friends.