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Kubota Utility Vehicles
Kubota Utility Vehicles

When you want quick and nimble, Kubota utility vehicles won’t let you down.

Steen Enterprises carries a full line-up of Kubota utility vehicles. Whether you need a Kubota RTV for hunting, property maintenance or enough room to haul your family and gear to the beach, Kubota has you covered with mid-size and full-size vehicles.

Did you know Kutoba has been America’s #1 selling diesel utility vehicle since 2004? It’s true and it’s because Kubota RTVs are rugged, reliable and built to work in most any conditions.

Kubota mid-size RTVs feature rock solid gas engines and easy operation. You find a comfortable bench seat, ergonomic controls and a low deck for easy in and out. The cargo bed on these bad boys can haul up to 441 pounds of dirt, gravel or anything else that will fit. Use the bed’s manual tilt feature to unload, or upgrade to an electronic bed lift for more efficiency. Kubota mid-size utility vehicles are 54.7 inches wide and designed to fit into a full-size, long-bed pickup so you can easily transport yours.

Kubota full-size utility vehicles are equipped with powerful diesel engines that can carry up to 1,100 pounds of cargo and tow 1,300 pounds. From the smaller RTV-X900 to the exciting new RTV-XG850 Sidekick, we’re confident the crew at Steen Enterprises can help you choose the perfect utility vehicle to handle your needs.

Kubota makes three different two seat, full-size RTVs with 21.6 and 24.8 horsepower engines. Built to work hard, the mid-size RTVs are comfortable to drive, can be fine tuned with an array of options and are available in Orange or Camo paint.

If you’re looking for a full-size utility vehicle, check out the RTV-X1140 with fold-down rear seat and a 24.8 horsepower engine or the fun new Sidekick with a whopping 48 horsepower. Both models deliver and exceptional ride and are capable of hauling 1,100 pounds of cargo. Each model is available with Orange or Camo paint.

The team at Steen Enterprises can help you configure your full-size utility vehicle to tackle the jobs you need it to do most.