MX Series - Economy Utility Tractors

Take on tough jobs with one of our Kubota MX-Series Tractor Packages.

Cleaner emissions, better fuel economy and the horsepower you need are exactly what you find in our Kubota MX-Series tractor packages.  Even better, a bundled tractor package from Steen Enterprises comes with an unbelievable price.

Our Kubota Economy Utility Tractor Packages include a brand new Kubota MX-Series tractor, a loader, 6-foot box blade, a 6-foot Land Pride cutter and a brand new 20’ trailer to bring it home.  Call it icing on the cake.

Choose from three Kubota MX-Series tractors, including 49, 54 or 58 horsepower engine paired with a 4WD HST hydrostatic transmission or a 4WD shuttle gear drive transmission.

Of course the Kubota MX-Series tractors feature legendary Kubota construction, from a cast steel transmission and rear end to a steel hood and fenders. These quality machines are built to last and maintain their looks for a long, long time. All that goodness comes with a comfortable operator platform and easy to operate controls.

If you require different attachments or implements, the pros at Steen Enterprises will be happy to build a custom Kubota MX-Series tractor package based on your specific needs. As with all of our tractor packages, you can expect a sweet deal. We can also help you out with attractive financing offers.