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Managing a Lowcountry plantation or large property will be much easier with a Kubota L-Series tractor package from Steen Enterprises. Kubota L-Series tractors are feature packed machines with a range of horsepower and high-quality construction. We think you really enjoy having one of these tractors on your property.

Our Kubota L-Series tractor packages include a powerful new Kubota L-Series tractor, a selection of attachments, such as a loader and mower deck, and a brand new trailer. Just back up your truck and haul your new tractor and accessories to your home.

Kubota is the #1 selling compact tractor brand so you know you’re getting an excellent tractor when you buy an L-Series model. You’ll have the horsepower to push, pull, grading and tackle other chores. The rock solid Kubota engines are cleaner burning and more fuel efficient, to protect the earth your tending to.

Kubota L-Series compact tractors are designed with operator comfort in mind and include a comfortable seat and ergonomic control layout. You’ll find the PTO clutch system easy to use.

If you require different attachments or implements, the Kubota experts at Steen Enterprises can work with you to build a custom Kubota L-Series tractor package based on your specific needs. As with all of our tractor packages, you can expect a sweet deal and we can also help you out with attractive financing offers.