PRICE: $43100


Kubota’s Grand L60 Series is premium in design and powerful in performance!

Package #25

The Steen Enterprises Kubota L4760HST Tractor Package has everything you need including Kubota front end loader, 6′ JBAR box blade, 6′ Land Pride rotary cutter, and 20′ trailer with brakes to safely pull it all.*


  • Kubota Designed, Kubota Built – Front to rear, the Kubota tractor is designed and built by Kubota instead of a re-branded tractor built by others, only Kubota quality through and through.
  • 49 hp, Kubota Diesel Engine**
  • HST Plus, 3 range hydrostatic transmission with Auto Throttle Advance – Automatically increases RPMs when speed increases, then decreases RPMs when speed decreases; Hydrostatic Dual Speed (HDS) – Allows for Hi-Low ranges within each of the main Hi-Medium-Low ranges; Auto HDS – Automatically adjusts the HDS depending on how much load the tractor is taking on; Adjustable Sensitivity – Adjusts the speed of response from the treadle pedal; Cruise Control – Allows the operator to maintain a constant speed without keeping their foot on the treadle pedal; Stall Guard – Prevents the tractor from stalling out, even under heavy loads
  • Metal Hood and Fenders – designed to last in the toughest conditions.
  • Kubota Built LA1055 Quick Attach Front Loader w/ 72″ Quick Attach Bucket and grill guard – Kubota’s front loaders are designed to be easy to remove and reinstall without tools!
  • 72” JBAR BB730 box blade
  • 72”” Land Pride RCR1272 Rotary Cutter w/ Shear Bolt Driveline Protection
  • 20’ Trailer w/ Dual 5200lbs Brake Axles, New Tires, Fold Up Ramps, and Tie Downs


Finance Price: $43,600

Cash Price: $43,100

*Equipment and option substitutions are available for a different price.

**Kubota Diesel Engine – Kubota is the #1 manufacturer in the world for under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines


  • Registration date:
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Drive: 4WD