Six Must-Have Farming Attachments

Six Must-Have Farming Attachments

Six Must-Have Farming Attachments for the Spring Planting Season.

When it comes to planting season, figuring out which tractor attachments to buy can be confusing, especially if you’re just starting out in farming. To you help you prepare for planting season, we pulled together a list of six must-have farming attachments that will save you time in properly preparing and planting your spring crops

1. Rotary Tiller: Rotary Tillers, like the Land Pride RTA12 Series, are used to break up and till top levels of soil for seedbed or planting preparation. A rotary tiller allows you to till in tight spaces, such as along fence lines and next to buildings. To suit your specific farming needs, you can adjust the tilling depth. Along with farming use, a rotary tiller also comes in handy for landscaping applications.

2. Disc Harrow
: Disc Harrows, like rotary tillers, are used for soil prep. While rotary tillers are used to turn the upper layers of soil, disc harrows are much heavier and designed to work deeper into the dirt. Along with breaking up soil, disc harrows chop up weeds and the remains of last year’s crop. By digging deeper into the ground, disc harrows do a better job of uprooting unwanted weeds, preventing them from showing up after planting. One of our favorite disc harrow lines is the Tufline THE Series.

3. Disc Bedder: 
A disc bedder looks similar to a disc harrow, but is designed to create rows of raised beds. Tufline’s Row Disc is a nice option that is fully adjustable for both angle and pitch so you can quickly and easily create consistent beds for planting. This is the type of attachment that greatly speeds up what would normally be a labor-intensive task.

4. Cultivator:
 Another option for planting preparation is a cultivator, such as the Land Pride FC10. Designed for hobby farmers and gardeners, the Land Pride FC10 features 6 spring steel C-tines with reversible and replaceable heat-treated tips that can be used for chores such as seedbed preparation, soil aeration, and weed control.

5. Spreader
: A tractor mounted spreader can be used to spread lime, fertilizer, top dressings and seed. Land Pride FSP Series spreaders can spread granular materials at a delivery rate of 43 – 890 pounds per acre, allowing you to adjust for more precise seed applications or for speed when spreading fertilizer. Along with farming, a Land Pride tractor spreader is ideal for maintaining golf courses, athletic fields, campuses, and other commercial operations. Those living in colder climates can use their spreader to apply sand and salt when ice and snow are in the forecast.

6. Compact Drill: 
For many, planting crops or grass is a form of art. A compact drill can help you create beautiful rows of plants with minimal time and effort. The Land Pride 3P500 compact drill is small enough to move through wooded areas, orchards, and vineyards. It also has two seed boxes so you can plant two different seeds at once, such as grass and clover. Once your seeds take and emerge from the ground, you’ll witness just how accurate and consistent a Land Pride compact drill is when it comes to seed placement.

There are many variations of the six spring planting attachments listed above to match tractor horsepower and property/farm size. As a Kubota Elite Dealership, the experienced team at Steen Enterprises can help you choose the right attachment for your Kubota tractor. Of course, we can also help you choose a new Kubota tractor to help you maintain and make the most of your farm.