KUBOTA ORANGE PROTECTION PROGRAM – Learn More about Extended Warranties
KUBOTA ORANGE PROTECTION PROGRAM – Learn More about Extended Warranties
New Kubota L47 TLB
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New Kubota L47 TLB

  • 47 HP
  • 4wd

Kubota’s L47TLB is one machine built to do the work of three. With Tier 4 Final 47.1 gross HP, 2,848 lbs. of lift capacity and 121 in. max digging depth, this compact, high-performance tractor/loader/backhoe model is ideal for independent contractors, landscapers, rental services and anyone looking to add power, speed and efficiency to their worksite.

New Kubota Engines

Powerful yet clean, Kubota’s new engines feature a Common Rail direct-injection system that reduces emissions and increases fuel economy while maintaining high levels of power and torque. These reliable engines also boast a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR). Put it all together and you get greater fuel savings as well as compliance with Tier IV Final emissions regulations.
HST Plus Transmission

Tackle any task with ease and efficiency. With extraordinary precision, HST Plus’s automated control of both the HST pump and drive motor gives you optimal performance, regardless of the task, working conditions, or operator expertise.

  • Auto Throttle Advance
  • Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS)
  • HST Response Control
  • Stall Guard Plus and Auto H-DS
Feather-Step Operation (Hydraulic Servo System)

Our HST also comes with a smoother, more responsive pedal, thanks to Kubota’s traditional hydraulic servo system, which decreases the amount of pressure required to depress the pedal.
Four-Wheel Drive

The L47’s four-wheel drive gives you the power and stability you need, especially when pulling heavy loads or working on uneven terrain. The front wheel drive bevel gear assures that you always get a smooth and full power transfer.

The large, easy to read LCD panel provides all of the vital information you need to keep your TLB in peak working condition for maximum productivity. Indicators, displays, and sensor messages include current working status, engine conditions, fuel and oil warning signals, and a variety of maintenance indicators, so you’ll always know how the tractor is functioning and when you need to refuel or perform maintenance.
Slanted Nose Hood

The L47’s distinctive slant nose hood design isn’t just for looks. This unique styling offers you a greater field of view, allowing you to see more of what’s in front of you.
Integrated Main Frame

The L47’s integral main frame absorbs twisting loads during backhoe and loader opeation and will not transmit flex to the tractor chassis. This ensures the tractor’s structural integrity.
Heavy-Duty Rear Axle

The heavy-duty rear axle uses multiple wet-disc brakes for extended life and smooth stopping performance.
Independent PTO

Get even more work done by attaching a wide range of PTO-driven implements, including rotary tillers, post hole diggers, snow blowers and rear-mounted mowers. The 540 RPM PTO is hydraulic-independent, letting you engage and disengage the PTO without stopping the tractor.
Category I and II 3-Point Hitch (optional)

Do even more by attaching any of a wide array of rear-mounted implements to the Category I and II 3-point hitch. Attachment is quick and easy, and the hitch provides astonishing lift capacity. (L47 is Category I only.)
Large Fuel Tank

A large, 17.7 gal. (67 liter) fuel tank lets you get more work done between fueling stops. Less down-time for refueling means greater productivity and efficiency, particularly on those big tractor jobs.
ROPS/FOPS (Meets OSHA1926 1001/1003 & ISO3471)

The 4-post Rollover Protective Structure and the Falling Objective Protective Structure come standard on the L47. To help keep you safe from any potential risks, a steel roof lies underneath the stylish orange canopy.
Remote Hydraulic Control Valves

The L47 offers three optional Remote Hydraulic Control Valves for a greater selection of hydraulically powered implements. For operators, this versatile system translates into a convenient and cost-efficient solution.
Transporting This Workhorse Is Easy

Easy and fast. Even with both loader and backhoe attached, the compact L47 weighs just 7,205 lbs. and can be loaded on a 10,000-lb. GVWR rated trailer pulled by a ¾-ton pickup truck, letting you quickly and efficiently move to the next job site. (In most states)


  • Registration date:
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Drive: 4WD