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New Kubota ZD1511LF-72 Mower


ew Kubota ZD1511LF-72 Mower

Covering more ground is easy with the ZD1511LF-72, equipped with a side discharge 72″ Kubota ProDeck with Aerodynamic Cutting System (ACS). Adjust newly redesigned hydrostatic transmission levers to your comfort zone and keep every job going with time-saving features including the hands-free parking break and hydraulic deck lift.

Kubota Zero-Turn Mower

Top to bottom, front to back, and inside and out, Kubota’s new ZD Series of zero-turn mowers are engineered for quality. Built right here in the United States, these premium mowers incorporate the best of Kubota’s advanced technology in every detail and function to ensure both superior mowing performance and supreme operator comfort. No matter how you measure quality, the ZD Series delivers.

Improved Air Flow

The airflow inside the deck has been optimized for faster, more efficient cutting and discharge by preventing clippings from clumping, sticking to the walls of the deck, and recirculating to be cut again. The improved airflow also results in reduced power consumption, increased work and fuel efficiency.

Improved Work Efficiency

The improved airflow ensures better cutting efficiency. That means you can get the job done faster and with better work performance-up to 27% better.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

The ZD Series does more on less fuel, thanks to the ACS Kubota PRO deck’s more efficient cutting performance and better fuel/ horsepower balance-up to 22% better.

New Spindle Shaft

New larger durable spindle shaft creates a better airflow inside the deck. It is also more durable.

New Clean-Cut Blades

The redesigned cutting blades have a new shape that improves both cutting efficiency and overall load balance, which creates a better airflow inside the deck and ensures cleaner cutting performance. These new blades also provide a longer service life so you won’t need to replace them as often.

New Flexible Discharge Chute

Manufactured from a flexible yet strong material, the discharge chute has been redesigned to ensure a smoother and more uniform discharge of clippings.

Kubota Diesel Engines

With over 25 million engines produced since 1922, Kubota engines are recognized around the world for their proven quality and reliability. Powerful yet clean and quiet, the ZD Series’ rugged diesel engines give you unparalleled performance, productivity, and economy. The ZD Series’ dependable engines let you power through tough mowing jobs with ease and efficiency. These technically advanced engines are also environmentally friendly, thanks to excellent fuel economy, enhanced combustion efficiency, and low vibration and noise levels.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The Kubota V1505 diesel engine incorporates the DPF that acts to reduce the hydrocarbon and noxious gases contained in emissions to carbon dioxide and water. Simultaneously, particulate matter (PM) – microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the Earth’s atmosphere – is captured and filtered out. Both operator-friendly and environment-friendly, this outstanding engine generates clean emissions with reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) and PM. In addition, significantly less black exhaust is likely to occur at startup or under overload conditions. The DPF regeneration is adopted KWRS (Kubota Wide operation range Regeneration System) as a Kubota original reformer.

Kubota Durable Transmission

Kubota engines are paired with Kubota’s original hydrostatic transmission that offers faster, smoother response under all loading conditions. Except for an occasional fluid change, the hermetically-sealed structure requires no maintenance and has no belts to change.

Easy Mower and Engine Access

The ZD Series is designed to keep you on the job longer between maintenance stops. When maintenance is needed, however, you can be assured of quick and easy maintenance of all the critical parts and functions. The engine hood protects the engine, yet is simple to open and offers easy access to the engine for maintenance tasks. A special maintenance hatch under the platform mat provides fast access to top of the mower deck, mower belt, gearbox case, universal joint and fuel filters.

New Foldable ROPS

The new ROPS is now compliant with not only OSHA standards, but also ISO standards. The ROPS conveniently folds for easier storage and transportation of the mower.

Outstanding Stability

The ZD Series’ feature a low center of gravity to help improve the weight/balance and provides stability on slopes and uneven ground. When combined with the ZD Series’ long wheelbase wide, large-diameter rear tires, and fuel tanks mounted above the tires and below the seat, the result is outstanding stability on a variety of terrains.

Selectable Front Axle (oscillating/rigid)

Choose from two front-axle setups to optimize mowing comfort and performance: oscillating for a smooth ride, or rigid
for an even cut while mowing on rough terrain.

New Low Profile Tires

Low-profile tires at the rear further improve the ZD Series’ stability and traction on turf. Their wide tread helps protect the turf from damage during mowing.

New Large and Bright LCD Panel

The large LCD meter—the biggest in its class—shows all of the key indicators you need to maximize cutting performance and operability, including engine oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel level, and voltmeter. A new hour meter lets the operator know when maintenance or service is required.*

*The ZD1500 also includes an engine RPM gauge and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) muffler indicator and its associate control buttons.  With a single glance, you know exactly how your ZD mower is performing and when it needs servicing.

New Damper Force Adjustment

Available on several Kubota mowers, this 3-position lever lets you adjust the damper force to the optimum level for your personal comfort.

Air-Ride Suspension Seat

The ZD1500 takes comfort to the next level with a new bucket seat. It features air-suspension that can be adjusted with the touch of a button for supremely soft support and gentle comfort that lasts until the job is done.

New Ergonomically Designed Control Layout

For faster operation and better ergonomics, all of the mower deck controls are grouped on the right side within easy reach your right hand, letting you quickly and easily adjust the cutting height. A two-tone cutting height adjustment dial is easier to see and simplifies the setting of the cutting height.

New HST Levers

Redesigned HST levers not only provide more legroom, but also more settings to choose from, ensuring smoother operation, better zero-turn maneuverability, and greater job efficiency.

Shaft Drive Mower

Without drive belts, the drive shaft smoothly transfers power from the engine to the deck. Shaft drive also requires less maintenance and provides greater dependability.

Hands-free Parking Brake

Conveniently located on the platform, the parking brake can be easily engaged and released by pressing it with either foot while keeping both hands on the HST levers.

Hydraulic Deck Lift

A 2-pedal hydraulic deck lift system keeps you mowing in spite of obstacles by letting you easily raise and lower the deck with your foot.

New, Thicker Platform Mat

Thicker and more durable, the redesigned platform mat also helps reduce noise and vibration for more comfort during mowing. The mat’s grip pattern was designed to make getting on and off the mower easier.

New and Bigger Storage Box and Cup Holder

Store personal items as well as two beverage cups in the handy storage box and cup holder beside the seat.

Maintenance Lift

Routine maintenance underneath the mower is quick and simple, thanks to Kubota’s innovative two-pin, tilt-up maintenance lift. A simple operation raises the front of the ZD Series even with the mower deck still attached. (Standard on the ZD1500 and ZD1200, available as an option on the ZD1000.)

Engine Type

Diesel, liquid-cooled (4cyl.) with DPF and KWRS
Horsepower (gross)

30.8 HP
Displacement (cu. in.)


2-HST w/Gear reduction
Fuel Capacity (gal.)

Speeds (mph) (forward)

0 – 10.6
Speeds (mph) (forward/reverse)

0 – 10.6/0 – 5.3

Wet multi disks, foot applied, released
Deck Size

72 in
Overall Length

104.7 in
Overall Width (w/ mower)

85.8 in
Overall Height (w/ ROPS upright)

78.7 in
Overall Height (w/ ROPS folded)

64.6 in
Foldable ROPS

Weight (lbs.) (w/ mower)

Full Suspension Seat

Air-ride suspension seat with reclining and lumbar support


  • Registration date:
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Drive: AWD