New Kubota Z421KWT-60 Mower


New Kubota Z421KWT-60 Mower

Designed to perform for professionals and easy enough to use for acreage owners, the KommanderPRO 60 covers more ground with a 60″ wide, 5″ deep, steel welded mower deck. Enjoy adjustable dampening for customized responsiveness of the machine, and stay comfortable and fully charged with a high-back seat and phone charging station with 12V power outlet.

Comfort and Convenience 
Z400 mowers are designed for the residential user seeking high levels of comfort and convenience, and the professional user demanding superior durability and performance.
Z400 Powerful Engines
Powerful Engines
The Z400 Series comes equipped with powerful Kawasaki engines that provide the torque you need to power through tall grass and rugged environments.
Precision Adjustment
A simple twist of a dial lets you adjust the cutting height in precise 1/4” increments.
Parking Brake
A foot pedal locks the brake so the unit can’t move, ensuring safe and secure parking.
Rugged Transmission
Power from the engine is delivered to the wheels through rugged, Hydro-Gear® Commercial ZT-3600® transmission.
Z400 K-Lift
The K-Lift pedal lets you quickly and easily adjust the cutting height without leaving your seat.  Simply press the pedal and turn the adjustment dial.
Foldable Rops
The ROPS on the Z400 Series mowers meets ISO  21299 specifications to ensure safe and efficient operation. The ROPS easily folds down to allow the mower to pass under low obstructions, as well as permits easier storage in a garage or shed.
Z400 Low Profile Tire
Low Profile Tire
The Z400 Series’ new wide low-profile tires not only look good, they provide  better traction for all types of mowing tasks. They also have a larger footprint that reduces ground compaction as well as turf damage during turns.
12V Power Outlet
Charge your phone or other accessory while mowing the lawn. The Z400 also has an integrated smart phone holder.
Z400 Wide Foot Pan
Wide Foot Pan
There’s plenty of legroom up front, thanks to a wide foot pan. It also makes entry and exit a snap.
Z400 High Back Seat
High Back Seat & 6″ Slide Seat
Soft and roomy, the high back seat will keep you comfortable even on those extra-long mowing jobs. The seat slides a full 6” forward and back, letting you find just the right position for maximum personal comfort.
Z400 High Back Seat
Seat Opening Mechanism
The seat is fully opened with a simple touch to provide easy access to the fuses.
Z400 Cup Holder
Storage Box and Cup Holder
Convenient for holding personal items, the cup holder and the storage box are located beside the seat.
5″ Deep Welded Mower Deck
This steel welded mower deck provides outstanding, professional-level cutting performance. A reinforced spindle mount area improves durability.
Z400 Large Fuel Tank
Large Fuel Tank
The large, 6.8-gallon fuel tank keeps the Z400 Series mowing for more than 6 hours between refueling stops. (depending on conditions).
Z400 Operation Levers
Smooth Operation Levers
The operation load of the dual operation levers can be adjusted to each operator’s needs to provide smooth, precise control and less fatigue at the end of the day. The damper force can be easily adjusted to ensure optimum comfort for every operator.
Z400 Operation Levers
Ergonomic Control Layout
All controls are ergonomically arranged for quick identification and simple operation, with most controls on the right side for faster, easier access.
Z400 Operation Levers
Fabricated Mower Deck (48″, 54″, 60″)
The Z400-Series are equipped with a 48″, 54″, or 60″ mower deck. Within their 5-inch-deep welded structure, these mower decks provide a generous internal deck volume that contributes to enhancing both mowing performance and clipping discharge performance. Whether long, wet, or thick, grass is powerfully raised for efficient mowing.
Z400 Operation Levers
Operator Controlled Discharge Chute (Optional)
The discharge chute cover over the grass clippings outlet can be opened and closed with a single lever, letting you temporarily shut the outlet to avoid sending clippings into flowerbeds or roads.
Z400 Operation Levers
Mulching Kit (Optional)
With the optional mulching kit, clippings are finely cut for an outstanding mulching performance.
Grass Catcher Kit (Optional)
Having a generous 7-bushel (250L) capacity, the optional grass catcher reduces the number of stops required to discharge clippings. As a result, overall operational efficiency is enhanced.

Engine Type

Air cooled 2 cylinders gasoline engine
Horsepower (gross)

24.0 HP
Displacement (cu. in.)


Hydro-Gear® Commercial ZT3600®
Fuel Capacity (gal.)


Cog style parking lock / Foot pedal
Deck Size

60 in
Overall Length

80.9 in
Overall Width (w/ mower)

73.6 in
Overall Height (w/ ROPS upright)

69.8 in
Overall Height (w/ ROPS folded)

49.8 in
Foldable ROPS

Weight (lbs.) (w/ mower)





  • Registration date:
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Diesel