New Kubota T2090BR-42 Mower

20 hp

42 ” deck


Get more of everything you want in a premium lawn tractor. More comfort to keep you relaxed and refreshed, more convenience to make the job easier and more efficiency to get the job done fast. With Kubota dependability and durability, your T Series can do what it does best: making your lawn look great.

Short 14″ Turning Radius

14″ is all you need to turn a T90 Series lawn tractor, letting you easily maneuver around posts, light fixtures and other hard to mow-around objects. This best-in-class turning radius also comes in handy when transporting and storing your lawn tractor.

LED Head Lights

Suspension seat (T2290 only)

New Steering Wheel

Designed for Comfort

Easy cutting height adjustment from your seat

Hydrostatic transmission

New Dash

The T90’s cruise control feature allows you to maintain a constant mowing speed once you have reached the desired speed. You can also reach the desired speed by pulling the cruise control knob.

In addition, the T90 is equipped with the Kubota Reverse Awareness System (KRA) to prevent you from moving in revere. You may choose to override the system by depressing an override switch. A flashing light reminds you that reverse moving has been selected.


  • Registration date: 2018
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Gas