Kubota SVL65-2

Kubota SVL65-2

The team at Steen Enterprises is really excited for the new Kubota SVL65-2 compact track loader. The SVL65-2 is the smallest Kubota track loader ever, making it easy to transport, able to work in tight spaces and cause less soil compaction. It’s big on comfort, too, including optional air conditioning which is a must for South Carolina summers. This new track loader is a great option for landscapers, smaller contractors and rental yards.

Kubota SVL65-2 Specs:

  • Engine type (Kubta diesel): V2607-CR-TE4 turbocharged 4-cylinder
  • Engine gross horsepower: 68.3 HP
  • Displacement: 159.6
  • Overall length (bucket on ground): 136.4
  • Overall height (top of cab): 79.9”
  • Overall width (with bucket): 68” / 74”
  • Operating weight (ROPS Cab): 8035 lbs. / 8465 lbs.

Kubota SVL65-2 Performance:

  • Rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load): 2100 lbs
  • Tipping load: 6000 lbs.
  • Breakout force – bucket: 4614 lbf.
  • Breakout force – lift arm: 4266 lbf.
  • Lift arm path: Vertical

Kubota SVL65-2 Undercarriage:

  • Track width (standard / wide): 12.6” / 15”
  • Ground pressure (standard / wide): 5.0 psi / 4.2 psi
  • Track rollers per side: 4
  • Track ground contact length: 57.9”
  • Travel speed (low / high): 4.9 mph / 7.1 mph
  • Traction force: 8408 lbs.
  • Minimum ground clearance: 9.1”

Kubota SVL65-2 Auxillary Hydrualic Power:

  • Auxiliary hydraulic pressure: 3263 psi
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow (standard / high): 17.4 gpm / 27.0 gpm

Small and mighty strong.

The Kubota SVL65-2 has a powerful 68 horsepower diesel engine with enough muscle to handle big jobs. The hydraulic system has an Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV) that provides smooth movements when all hydraulics are operating at the same time. The AMV now allows you to efficiently run the AUX hydraulics, bucket, and loader arm together.

When it comes to operating capacity, the SLV65-2 ranges from 2,100 pounds at 35 percent to 3,000 pounds at 50 percent. This little loader has a reach of 34.9 inches and a hinge pin height of 118.5 so you can dump debris into tall dumpsters and trucks.

You also have a bucket breakout force of 4266 lbf at the arm and 4614 lbf at the bucket.


Let your fingers do the operating.

To help you do more work in a day, Kubota designed the controls so all major vehicle and attachment operation controls are at your fingertips. With the flip of a switch, you can turn on the self-leveling feature to keep the forks or bucket level when you raise and lower them.

Spacious, comfortable cabin.

While the SVL65-2 is the smallest track loader it has the same cab as its bigger brothers – the SVL75-2 and SVL95-2s. The wide swing up door makes entering and exiting the cab easy and the door can be opened regardless of which position the arms or bucket are in. You can pin the door open when working in cooler, less dusty conditions. You’ll find plenty of legroom and a removable floor mat for easy cleaning. Kubota even added a small hole in the floor to clear out dirt and debris.

The comfy seat has left and right armrests to make operating the multifunctional levers easier when working long stretches. Engine speed can be controlled with a dial or a foot pedal. The most frequently used switches are placed near your right hand and the meter panel is well positioned for at-a-glance checks.

An optional heating and air conditioning package helps make the cab even more comfortable.

Built to tackle a wide variety of jobs.

Buckets, power rakes, pallet forks, grapple buckets, augers, tillers, power rakes and more. All of these attachments can be added to the SVL65-2. As you can imagine, the list of chores this powerful compact track loader can handle is very long. Adding a hydraulic quick coupler makes swapping out attachments fast and easy.

Easy to maintain.

It typical Kubota fashion, the SVL65-2 was designed with easy maintenance in mind. The rear door opens wide and the cab tilts 72 degrees to give you easy access to the rear engine, hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank. The quicker you can complete maintenance and repairs, the faster you can get back to work.

The cab can be tilted 72° without having to lift the arm, allowing easy access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank.

The SVL65-2’s rear door opens wide and the cab tilts up to provide fast and easy access to the rear of the engine and other parts for maintenance and repairs, reducing downtime to a minimum.

A wide door opening allows for easy and safe entry and exit.

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