How to Clean Your Tractor’s Diesel Fuel Tank

How to Clean Your Tractor’s Diesel Fuel Tank

How to Properly Remove Water and Clean Your Tractor’s Diesel Fuel Tank.

At Steen Enterprises, we often see a rash of issues related to water in diesel fuel tanks as we get closer to warmer weather.

If your diesel powered Kubota tractor or construction equipment sits idle a few months without operating, water, sedatives or other contaminants could appear in the fuel tank and clog up the fuel lines. You’ll most likely discover this situation shortly after you start up your Kubota. Not too long after you fire up the engine, it will most like cut off – as if it’s out of fuel.

When this happens, it’s important to drain the fuel and clean the tank and fuel lines on your Kubota. Below are the steps the techs at Steen Enterprises recommend following to properly drain and clean your diesel fuel tank.

To tackle this project, you’ll need the following items:

  • Wrench set
  • Container to catch the diesel fuel
  • Fluid extraction pump with a flexible hose
  • Air compressor with high-pressure nozzle
  • Your Kubota owners manual
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel tank cleaner, such as Power Service Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner
  • Replacement fuel filter(s)

Step 1: Remove the fuel cap.
Step 2: Place the fuel catching container under the tank.
Step 3: Unscrew the fuel line nut or hose on the base of the fuel tank.
Step 4: Once the tank stops draining, use the extraction pump to remove any fuel and sediment settled at the base of the tank. It may be necessary to blow out debris with the air compressor.
Step 5: Remove your fuel line just before your fuel rail or injection pump. Insert the air compressor nozzle in the hose and blow air back toward the tank to remove any debris in the fuel lines. After blowing out the lines, replace and secure them.
Step 6: Screw the diesel fuel line nut or hose back onto the base of the diesel fuel tank.
Step 7: If equipped, drain water separator and replace fuel filters.
Step 8: Fill up the tank with fresh diesel fuel.
Step 9: Pour the correct amount of diesel fuel tank cleaner into the tank.
Step 10: Replace the fuel cap and fire up your machine.
Step 11: Bleed your fuel system. On later model Kubota tractors, turn your key on and allow the electric fuel pump to flow fuel up to the filters. Crank the engine over until it self bleeds and starts.

On models with injection pumps, there is a bleeder screw where the fuel line meets the injection pump. Open the bleeder screw to purge air and crank the engine until it starts. When the engine starts, close the bleeder screw. Please consult your owner’s manual to identify which system you have and for further details.

With those steps completed, your Kubota diesel fuel tank should be clean for trouble-free operation of your tractor or other diesel-powered equipment.