PRICE: $37300


Kubota is proud to be the world’s #1 selling compact excavator* (zero and conventional tail swing).

Package #37

The Steen Enterprises Kubota U27-4R1 Excavator Package has everything you need including 18” bucket, hydraulic thumb, quick coupler and 20’ trailer with brakes to safely pull it all.*  What makes Steen Enterprises’ package different is your choice of a Husqvarna chainsaw, or Yeti cooler at no extra cost!


  • Large operator’s station with large and comfortable operator’s station, the U27-4 offers an extra level of comfort and convenience that operators are sure to appreciate during long jobs. Front meter panel for better visibility and accessibility with easier access, simpler settings, easy-to-read indicators and alerts, you’ll always be aware of the excavator’s functioning status. The thumb-operated switch on the right joystick allows easy proportional flow control of the AUX circuit conveniently adjustable up to 12.7GPM. The AUX diverter valve allows auxiliary oil to be diverted to the operation of auxiliary attachments without removal of the thumb attachment pipeline for increased efficiency on the go. Tight tail swing proves to be highly versatile when operating in confined conditions. The U27-4 auto-shift automatically shifts travel speed from high to low, depending on traction and terrain. Powerful breakout, excellent stability, and quick hydraulic cycle times all work together to master a wide range of jobs.
  • 20.8 hp, Kubota Diesel Engine***
  • 7014lbs breakout force
  • 9’5” dig depth
  • 18” bucket
  • 5688lbs operating weight
  • 20’ Trailer w/ Dual 5200lbs Brake Axles, and Tie Downs


Finance Price: $38,800

Cash Price: $37,300

* According to 2017 OEM Off-Highway Research, Kubota has the largest compact excavator market share in the world.

**Equipment and option substitutions are available for a different price.

***Kubota Diesel Engine – Kubota is the #1 manufacturer in the world for under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines



  • Registration date:
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Diesel