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Sink your teeth into the exceptional quality of woods cutters.

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Woods Batwing cutters have been shaped and designed by the customers who use their cutters. The result is a line of cutters that are more reliable, more durable, easier to use, easier to maintain and built to perform better.

Rugged and reliable, the Woods BrushBull™ is built to tackle your toughest brush cutting chores.


Since 1946, Woods has grown to become the undisputed cutter expert. This legacy began with the development of the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter and continues today with unmatched product innovation and service. Some of our earliest cutters remain in service today, because quite simply, they were built to last. Woods BrushBull™ single-spindle line has set the standard for today’s rotary cutter market – with innovations such as the smooth, slope-top deck and quick-change blades — and continues to lead the pack. Put our products to the test in your own back yard. Rugged, dependable and productive — Woods rotary cutters are designed and tested for the extremes of real world use.


Whether you need to clear brush along fencerows or maintain miles of interstate highway, chances are Woods has a rotary cutter model for the job. With 17 models to choose from, cutting widths from 42 to 84 inches, you’re sure to find the right cutter for your needs. Four duty classes mean that you can pick the cut capacity that will handle your work — low horsepower for up to 1-inch cut capacity, standard-duty for up to 2-inch cut capacity, medium-duty for up to 3-inch cut capacity and heavy-duty for up to 4-inch cut capacity.

The experienced crew at Steen Enterprises can help you choose the right Woods Economy Single Spindle Cutters for the job.