Woods Cutters

Steen enterprises is your home for woods cutters.

Whether you’re a Lowcountry landscaping professional or own several acres and won’t settle for anything less than a meticulously groomed lawn, we invite you to come in to see our collection of Woods high-performance cutters, including the Woods rotary cutters and Woods Batwing cutters.


Woods Batwing cutters have the ability to tame the most unruly waterways, pastures, and roadsides. Their higher torque capacities, deeper decks, and innovative wing design ensure you’ll mow more in less time. Woods Batwing cutters set the standards for cut quality, distribution, and ease of use, whether you’re cutting brush or shredding stalks.


Woods BrushBull™ single-spindle line includes innovations such as the smooth, slope-top deck and quick-change blades. They’re also built to last with strong 3” by 4” structural tubes tied to stress points. Whether you need to clear brush along fence rows or maintain miles of interstate highway, Woods brushbull single spindle cutters are available in 11 options with cutting widths from from 48 to 84 inches.



Durable and reliable, Woods single-spindle economy cutters are built to tackle grass and light brush. Available in widths from 42” to 72”, this line of rotary cutters features standard full-length skid shoes that glide easily over rough terrain. These cutters are backed by a three-year gearbox limited warranty.


Steen Enterprises can help you choose the right cutter from the full line of durable, easy-to-use Woods multi-spindle cutters, including their classic belt-driven model or a 30-, 40-, 50- or 60-series model packed with time-saving features. Cutting width ranges from 80” to 168”.

Changing cutting blades on the Woods multi-spindle cutters is a snap with the exclusive Woods Quick Change Blade Pin System, standard on all gear-driven dual-spindle cutters. Woods gearboxes feature heat-treated, alloy steel gears that stand up to the demands of rotary cutting. The sloped-top decks shed water and debris, preventing rust and corrosion and wrap around a heavy steel superstructure to ensure years of worry-free performance.


Woods RC-Series single-spindle rotary cutters are the newest addition to their cutter lineup. Made specifically for compact or subcompact tractors, these cutters are available in four options from 3.5’ to 6’ wide. Made with high-strength steel for years of dependable service, RC-Series cutters have sloped decks that are easy to clean and reduce buildup of water and debris. Stump jumpers are standard on all four models. Like all Woods rotary cutters, the RC-Series can be painted to match your tractor.