New Kubota RTV500-H



New Kubota RTV500-H

  • 15.8 hp Kubota Gas Engine
  • Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT Plus)
  • 4wd
  • Orange
  • Heavy Duty Work Site Tires

Kubota RTV500-H Brochure

Advanced technology from Kubota delivers exceptional performance and reliability in a compact size. Whether you’re tending a park, hunting in the woods, or simply roaming your property, let Kubota’s RTV500 take you wherever you need to go. This quiet utility vehicle feature’s Kubota’s new liquid-cooled EFI gasoline engine, a new variable hydrostatic transmission, and more – all packed into a compact body. Used for a variety of applications, it’s powerful and rugged enough to handle hills and uneven terrain, yet it can fit onto a full-size pickup truck, so you can take it with you. With all of this and more, you can rest assured that the high-performance RTV500 is always at the ready, no matter where you want to go.

Kubota EFI Gasoline Engine

Kubota’s legendary engine success has always been build on the foundation of the diesel engine. But what if that sound technology and robust power were transfered into a gasoline engine? Presenting the fuel efficient, powerful and reliable, 15.8 Hp Kubota gasoline engine. The EFI provides on-demand power, optimizes acceleration and enhances quiet operability. Plus, the EFl eliminates the need to adjust the carburetor-enabling better engine start-up in cold weather or after long-term storage, and improving engine serviceability.

Kubota VHT Plus Transmission

Kubota’s exclusive and innovative hydrostatic plus transmission (VHT PLUS) eliminates the need to adjust belt drives and provides the RTV500 with an execeptional level of performance, handling, and reliability under tough conditions. Ride the hills with quick acceleration and smooth, engine-assisted deceleration. In addition, the VHT offers outstanding traction and impressive power, providing the muscle to take you almost anywhere.

RTV500 Certified ROPS

All RTV500 models are built with safety for the operator and passenger in mind. The operator and passenger are protected under the OSHA certified Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) along with 3″ retractable seatbelts.

Compact Chassis

The RTV500 is perfect for taking with you to the trails, campsite or next worksite. Measuring 54.7″ in width, the RTV500 can fit easily into the back of a standard size pick-up truck or trailer.

Dumping Cargo Bed

Use the RTV500’s cargo bed to haul up to 441 lbs of dirt, gravel, rocks, hay or whatever will fit. The bed is counter balanced allowing for easy manual tilting to dump or unload your cargo easy.

Comfortable Operator Area

Get in and get going. The RTV500 features ergonomic, well-placed controls for easy operation, and a comfortable seat, so both the driver and passenger can enjoy a full day of work or play without fatigue. The low operator platform offers ample and obstacle-free legroom, so it’s simple to step on or off.

Smooth Suspension

The front indepedent MacPherson strut-type suspension allows you to tackle the uneven terrain, without the uncomfortable ride. A semi-indepedent multi-link rear suspension cushions the cargo load, providing smooth travel for site to site.

Convenient Dashboard

The automotive style RTV500 dashboard is user-friendly. Select high, low or reverse ranges and 2WD or 4WD. Engage the rear differential lock with a simple lever. The standard temperature gauge and Easy Checker indicator lights inform you of optimal operating performance. Stay fulling charged with the standard DC adaptor. The horn, lights and cup holders are all standard features.

  • Engine:  Kubota GZ460-E-UV Liquid-Cooled, 2-Cylinder, 4-Cycle Gas Engine
  • Horsepower:  15.8
  • Displacement:  27.8
  • Steering:  Rack & Pinion
  • Suspension:  Indepent, Mac-Pherson strut-type/Semi-Independent, Multi-Link
  • Transmission:  2-Range Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT)
  • Overall Length:  105.9 Inches
  • Overall Width:  52.5 Inches – Will fit in a full size pickup bed



  • Registration date:
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Drive: 4WD